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Volunteer Mediator Application Form

Mediation can be a rewarding way to help members of the local community. Mediation follows a process which allows those in dispute to reach their own agreements rather than having them imposed. We are looking for individuals who have excellent listening skills, are fair minded and do not make judgements.

All our Mediators are trained volunteers. To put each volunteer through Mediation training costs approximately £600.00 and takes 6 days to complete, (this is usually spread over 3 weekends). This is a considerable monetary investment for the charity and a considerable investment in your time. Due to this we ask that you are committed and as well as taking Mediation cases, commit to attending quarterly Mediation meetings and on-going training. 

Rushmoor Community Mediation Service (RCMS) is a charity who assists those in community or neighbourhood disputes. RCMS primarily covers the areas of Farnborough and Aldershot but we have taken cases in Yateley and Camberley in the past.

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RCMS, Community Centre, Meudon Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7LE

Registered Charity No. 1076172

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