After these initial meetings the Mediators will ask to bring you together in a neutral environment such as a Community Centre, Council Offices or perhaps a Library or Church Hall. At the start of this meeting, those involved will be offered a pre-determined amount of time to voice their concerns and explain the issues. This is a controlled time in which interruptions and questions are not invited.

If you decide Mediation can help (and your neighbour is willing to participate also) two trained Mediators will visit you at home to discuss your issues. These conversations are confidential.

The Mediators will then meet with your neighbours and the same opportunity to discuss the issues will be provided to them.

From these explanations, the Mediators will lead the discussion towards looking for resolutions and work with you to decide the best way to improve the situation.

Although not legally binding, any decisions reached can be written down to act as a reminder. Mediation is a quick and effective way to resolve a dispute. If you find an agreement cannot be reached, you still have other options, such as the court systems, available.